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 Admin Rules

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PostSubject: Admin Rules   Admin Rules I_icon_minitime28th July 2010, 06:30

Admins must follow ALL of these rules. If an admin ignores or disobeys any of these rules, their admin will be suspended. If they abuse way to much and their admin being removed permanently.
(depends what kind of abuse they made)

Spawn Killing:
Warn, then slap/slay/ kick If they still continue, temporary ban. If it continues after that, permanent ban.

Permanent Ban. No warning needed, and your proof is a demo of the hack.
You still must post this in the bans forum.

Asking for Free Levels:
First let them know that they can buy levels on this site, and tell them can NOT get free levels. If they continue, you can either use a punishment such as kick/slay etc..

Exploiting a Glitch:
Example: For skywalking, warn first. If it continues, you can use your admin commands on them or kick
Your highest time allowed to to ban is 16 hours ban = 720 min.
No permanently ban needed.

Racism/Disrespect or insulting other players.
warn first, after kick and Your highest time allowed to ban is 24 hours ban =1440 min.
No permanently ban needed.


After banning someone, even for am incredibly short ban, you must post that ban in the Bans area of the forums. This is not optional. Create a new topic in the forum with the name of the banned player. In the topic list why they were banned, for how long and their steamid.
Hacker include an Demo.
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Admin Rules
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